Welcome to SGA at MassArt!

SGA exists to encourage responsible Student Activism through Self-Governance. As the Representative unit of the Student body, we secure and defend our right to full participation in the process of decision making which affects our education and educational environment. All MassArt students are members of our organization – come to a meeting and make a difference. Everyone is welcome to attend to any weekly Full Council meetings; we meet on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in the new MassArt Student Center. The Full Council is made up of one representative from every department on campus as well as one representative from every SGA recognized student organization.  Full Council is led by the SGA Executive Board. 

The 2016-2017 Executive Board members are:
President: Jeremy Dupont // sga.president@massart.edu
Vice-President: Aditi Lakhtakia // sga.vicepresident@massart.edu

Secretary: Tyler Smith // sga.secretary@massart.edu
Treasurer: Michelle Grey // sga.treasurer@massart.edu
Student Trustee: Julia Dudley-Kramer// sga.trustee@massart.edu
Media Coordinator: Megan Johnson // sga.media@massart.edu

SGA is advised by:
Laura Flynn
Director of Transition & Leadership Programs | lflynn@massart.edu | lflynn.youcanbook.me

The MassArt Wiki page has all the information you need concerning paperwork,
the Full Council public minutes and more, just use your Net ID to sign and look around!